SolaXView - the easy way to check your Photovoltaic Solax Inverter output !

SolXView App Support

Attention: after updating to iOS 15, it is possible that no data will be loaded in the app. In such a case, please switch off the option "Private Relay (Beta)" under Settings / <your name> Apple ID, iCloud / iCloud. This function interferes with the data transfer of the Solaxcloud API. It then takes a few minutes until the app works again.

SolXView displays current data from up to three Solax inverters of your photovoltaic system and the state of charge of an optionally available storage battery in a simple and compact way. The SolXView app uses an official interface ( API ) of the SolaxCloud for this purpose..

All basic functions are available for free. 

>Help with setting up the app for the first time can be found here on our Setup Page (click here)<


SolXView Hauptscreen

1. Settings (token and inverter setup + autoupdate etc.)

2. Inverter type and inverter status

3. current solar yield

4. total solar yield

5. current consumption (accuracy depends on meter)

6. Weather and UVI forecast for the next days 
(Extra package: can be unlocked via In App purchase)

7. Weather and UVI forecast: date, weather and UVI per day
(UVI = expected solar irradiance. Details HERE)

8. Update manually ( automatic update is available as an option on the settings page)

9. Open this support page

10. current grid supply or feed in (accuracy depends on the meter)

11. grid total (This value is transmitted by Solax exactly as shown. Note: In my experience, the value is incorrect as it does not separate consumption and feed-in correctly. Unfortunately, I cannot correct this in the app, as no further data from Solax is available).

12. battery charge in percent (if installed)

13. battery charging or discharging current (if installed)

14. After enamelling the UVI forecast as in App purchase, the location of the PV system must be specified here once. To do this, the location service of your iOS device must be activated once.

15 UVI display (UVI = expected solar irradiance. Details  (if installed)

How is the Solax Inverter data accessed?

In general, some credentials from your page are required for the SolXView app, which are used to retrieve the PV system inverter data. In detail this is an access token that only allows access to the pure inverter output data api and does not grant any access to the configuration or settings of your Solax system. Solax provides the access itself.

IMPORTANT: NO private data can be received. Please read the API description in your portal , which describes exactly what data is made available.

The protection of your systems is very important to us and in this way already ensured by Solax!

SolXView Extra: AppleWatch App 
Chargeable as In App Subscription

Part of the In App Subscription is a complete Apple Watch App with full overview and usage recommendations as well as Watch Complications to launch the SolXView Watch App:

1. solar yield

2. mains supply / feed-in

3. consumption

4. battery storage charging / discharging (animated battery symbol)
( if installed )

5. recommendations for action based on available solar power and storage charge (if installed). Recommendations for using high, medium or normal loads are displayed. It also shows when you are only using battery power.

6. last update

7. solar status ( green = inverter status normal / yellow = in standby )

8. mains (green plus = feed-in / red minus = draw)

9. consumption ( green = normal / yellow = increased / red = high)

10. battery ( green flash = charging / red flash = discharging )  

SolXView Extras: Widgets
Chargeable as In App Subscription

Both widgets can be displayed on the homescreen as well as in the widget area of iOS:

Medium widget with continuous recommendations on the use of electricity consumers depending on the available solar power and battery charge level ( if installed ). This allows you to quickly decide whether you should still start a washing machine, tumble dryer or similar. 
1. updated every 5 min 
2. data 
3. recommendations

Small, compact iOS widget with status icon of battery and mains power consumption 
4. data 
5. mains icon ( green = feed / red = draw)
   Battery icon: ( green = charging / red = discharging)

SolXView Extra: UVI+Wetter
Chargeable as In App Subscription

Weather & UVI forecast (measure of solar irradiance). This allows the user to plan in advance when to use energy-intensive electricity consumers.

1. location of the PV system
2. button to set the PV location
3. weather forecast
4. UVI forecast

Note: To display the weather & UVI forecast, the app must determine the location of the PV system once. To do this, the location of the PV system must be allowed once. After this one-time process, no further locations are required to operate the app. This location is only stored locally on your iOS device as a coordinate and is reused until you specify a different location.